!! Magic is believing in yourself, if you can do that, you can make anything happen !!


Insane Aashish is a young Magician from north India. He uses a perfect combination of actions, ideas, illusions, tricks and psychology to entertain and engage audiences. Starting his career as a close up magician at a very young age. He is now entertaining people around the nation. His spontaneous humor and charming personality appeals to youth, making him a sought after illusionist of this area. Insane Aashish is also a TEDx speaker and have performed with well known celebrities of the region.

Magic has always been Insane Aashish's passion. After years of study and hundreds of performances, he will take you on a magical journey that you have to experience to believe. His fun and original presentations provide you with entertainment that you will remember for a lifetime. Book Insane Aashish to entertain at your event. Make it one to remember. Your guests will have an experience they will never forget!



(Insane Aashish with Garry Sandhu at Fresh Collections)

(Insane Aashish with Garry Sandhu at Funcity)

(Insane Aashish with Bohemia || The Glass)

(Insane Aashish with Bohemia || iPhone stopped working)

Insane Aashish with Shivjot (Ford vs Ford fame)

(Insane Aashish with Bhinda Aujla)

(Insane Aashish at 94 3 My Fm with Rj Manav)

(How 94.3 MY FM reacted to Magic ??)

(Insane Aashish | iPhone in Bottle | Amazing Magic LIVE)

(Insane Aashish | iPhone in Bottle | Amazing Magic LIVE)

(Insane Aashish | The Ghost Touch)

(Insane Aashish - Magic Beyond Insanity)

(Slo-Mo by Insane Aashish)

(Insane Aashish | Performance Highlights | Palms)

(Hi Five !! How People Feel When they See Magic ??)


See What People Say !!


  • Never seen magic like that, It was Superb.

    ( Karan Johar )

  • Are You Serious ? OMG !! Seeing something like this for the very first time.

    ( Malaika Arora )

  • It was Insane, Loved it !!.

    ( Kirron Kher )

  • You made my day special and your magic is just outstanding we had awesome time.

    ( Deepanjali Jain )

  • This man is absolutely Insane !!

    ( Aman Yatan Verna )

  • You really amazed us with your magic, I still wonder how the number in the card changed while it was in my hand.

    ( Sonia Kanda )

  • Dude you are marvellous !! Thanks a lot !!

    ( Abhishek Singh )

  • Aashish you are really superb bro, I have never seen the kind of magic you do. Love you !! Keep it up.

    ( Asmita Jindal )

  • He's too good, we really had a good time. Very surprised and all the best.

    ( Ravi Kishan )

  • Next Level of Magic and your Future is Bright !!

    ( Garry Sandhu )

  • Superb tricks and superb presentation Aashish.. Keep it up and God Bless You !!

    ( Indu Suri )

  • Magic turned out to be boring once I grew older but your tricks, I am still amazed and I remember is cards and cards..Good job Aashish.

    ( Aanchal Chauhan )

  • You are Freaking Insane Man and that's coming from a dude who is already Insane.

    ( Bohemia )

  • Saw his magic and I am blown away.

    ( Badshah )

  • I am getting mad !! Keep up doing the hard work and God Bless You.

    ( Bhinda Aujla )

  • How do you do it ?

    ( Inderjeet Nikku )

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